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Welcome to Bangalore & Beyond! We invite you to explore regions in and around Bangalore in the Southern States of India. We offer you a wide range of options (ranging from one day itineraries to 5 day itineraries) to experience the cultural heritage, architectural aura, bewitching landscapes, sublime sculptures, rolling hills, pristine beaches, curry culture, colourful markets, unadulterated laughter, etc., Of course this is along with many undiscovered treasures of South India. You shall be traveling with a Government of India Approved and Licensed Tourist Guide who is not only well-versed in understanding the pulse of international tourists but also someone who caters to the individual and collective needs of groups that he is accompanying. The uppermost objective of an Approved guide is to make the visitor experience India in such a way that safety, security and sensibilities of the visitor is preserved. An Approved guide has the license to guide anywhere and everywhere in India unlike many others who masquerade as guides but are stopped from guiding at all archaeological monuments across the country.

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In order to keep it simple, all our tours are classified based on the duration that a visitor has for himself, towards exploring the country. Each of the following table gives many options for each duration with all the associated information. Please note that all itineraries in all tables are prepared with Bangalore as both starting point and ending point, with a couple of exceptions.

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